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Standing Seam Cladding

Standing Seam Cladding is a concealed fastener cladding system that features trapezoidal or vertical legs and smooth space in between. Standing Seam Cladding from Zinc Roofing Company Pty Ltd, trading as Euroclad is one of the most long-lasting and weather-tight metal clad systems available in Australia. Its concealed fastener design, save the fasteners having exposed to the corroding elements, which could corrode them to fail over time.

Standing Seam Metal Cladding provides an elegant finish in multiple shades to choose. It avoids the industrial finishes that were regular in earlier times. Standing Seam Cladding is the most versatile cladding systems available, whether it is for cladding or facade type applications.


Design of Standing Seam Cladding

Standing Seam Cladding metal panels are attached to the fixed clamps so they are free from holes either by nails or other fasteners. The Standing Seam Cladding System incorporates panels that lap on each other and with a seaming tool they are sealed. The specialty and versatility of standing seam is that it offers a vast scope for application and design. This particular design not allows moisture to seep through.

Installation of Standing Seam Cladding

Euroclad’s formed an experienced team for installation of Standing Seam cladding. The team is highly motivated as many projects completed with accuracy and as per architectural design requirements. Standing seam metal cladding from decade is an excellent type of cladding that will deliver extended and maintenance-free service if installed by superior installers. Proper quality installation includes correct installing of the standing seam cladding, correct design and fixing of the supporting structure.

Types of Standing Seam Cladding

Single Lock Standing Seam

Snap Lock Standing Seam


Nail Strip System

Advantages of Standing Seam

  • Standing seam roofing does not require consistent maintenance.

  • They have an estimated lifespan of over 50 years

  • Introduce better insulation

  • Watertight sealing.

  • Fast easy snap together seams

  • Concealed clips and fasteners

  • Easy to install without the need for traditional seaming equipment

  • Available from 3degs roof pitch through to vertical.

  • Can be used horizontally or vertically on walls

  • Can be curved up to 1.5m diameter

  • Can be installed by trained roofing contractor

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