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Zinc Cladding has been providing architects and installers around the world with the perfect solution for all their wall cladding needs. Composed of 99.995% pure zinc, to which copper and titanium are added, Euroclad zinc products ensure the optimum mechanical and physical characteristics. Zinc Cladding is a stunning, long lasting, and low maintenance partner for many buildings. Euroclad Zinc Cladding specialise in a large variety provides with embossed, perforated, and made rigid to incorporate texture into imaginative designs. Soft, malleable, and flexible, zinc cladding meets almost all architectural requirements demand whilst providing superior solutions. Extremely durable and low maintenance with exceptional longevity, zinc cladding boasts an average life span of 60 to 80 years in a marine environment or over 100 years in an unpolluted environment. Euroclad is an authorised installer for VMZINC’s zinc roofing and zinc cladding products and can offer the longest warranties available. VMZINC offers an unsurpassed variety of zinc colours in six distinctive appearances for innovative architectural visions. VMZINC has been supplying Australians with unique and creative zinc solutions for so many years. Originally produced only in France, VMZINC now has manufacturing plants in Switzerland, Germany, and Slovakia


Euroclad Australia zinc cladding solutions comes with Euroclad panel, Flat-lock Panel and other zinc cladding solutions. Our goal is to be as proud of our workmanship as you are of your home or business. We understand that choosing architectural metal products is a considered and deliberate decision. We’ll always aim for the highest quality results.Call today for further information on the full range of VMZINC zinc cladding products. We are happy to assist with product technical information, zinc cladding detail design, drawing and installation guidance. The information shared can be used as a basic guidance of zinc cladding and must consider local compliance requirements. We will provide appropriate guidance and technical support to meet design requirements. Zinc cladding graces homes and businesses for more than a decade and popularity increasing more and more with each year. Zinc Cladding has great track record with reliability, durability and corrosion-resistant properties. Zinc cladding guarantees to catch the eye and turn heads with attractive finish it brings to any building.

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Euroclad Australia specialise in the installation of non-ferrous Architectural Grade Copper, Zinc and Aluminium for both roofing and wall cladding applications. Euroclad supply and install zinc cladding and copper cladding systems for roofing and walls. Euroclad work throughout Brisbane, Queensland along with Sydney and Northern NSW.

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