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Zinc Roofing from the decade, has been providing installers and architects around the world with the perfect solution for all their roofing needs. Zinc Roofing is an excellent type of roofing which will deliver extended and almost maintenance-free service if installed properly. Proper installation means correct installing of the zinc roofing, correct design, and fixing of the supporting structure. Zinc Roofing sheets are a hugely popular choice for architects. Zinc roofing in the past proven ability to withstand the rugged Australian climate. Add in the elegant stunning, appearance of zinc roofing, and the wide range of colors and profiles are appreciated by installers and the users. Superior Installation Zinc Roofing systems by Euroclad are installed by metal roof professional installers. Accurate measurements, creativity, and handcrafted designs give a superior installation to the building. Malleability or Flexibility Zinc is having the property of malleability. As of this property zinc roofing allows generates a multitude of design options to utilise curved and folded forms. Inexpensive Zinc Roofing can be used with thin gauges with weighs 5 to 7 kgs/m2 depending upon the gauge (0.65 to 0.8mm) chosen. Euroclad is equipped with highly modern technology bending and profiling machines keep costs more affordable than other installers. Perpetuity Zinc Roofing has been known for its longevity and is best when architects choose for a better life cycle. It is ideal choice that withstands for well over half a century. Artisan appearance The precise cover of a zinc roofing especially standing seam can become evident naturally under different light conditions introduces a bit of visual ‘energy’ and ‘vibration’ to the building. Governed & Compliance Zinc Roofing should be installed as per national and local building code requirements. Zinc roofing systems engaged with tried and tested techniques and methods therefore Independent system certification should not be required.

Euroclad sets the standard with only providing the best quality Zinc Roofing Systems. We provide zinc roofing in a wide range of color stand profiles. Call today for further details on the full range of zinc roofing products. We are happy to guide with product technical information, zinc roofing detail design, drawing and installation assistance.


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Euroclad Australia specialise in the installation of non-ferrous Architectural Grade Copper, Zinc and Aluminium for both roofing and wall cladding applications. Euroclad supply and install zinc cladding and copper cladding systems for roofing and walls. Euroclad work throughout Brisbane, Queensland along with Sydney and Northern NSW.

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