Alzheimers Centre, Brisbane

0.7mm VM Zinc Anthra

Standing Seam Tapered Panel System

Alzheimers Aged Care Center, Mount Gravatt, Brisbane, Qld

Fourteen metre high tapered single lock Standing Seam panels in VM Zinc Anthra

Designed, Manufactured and installed by Euroclad

The single lock standing seam system is a traditional flat-tray cladding system with a raised 25mm high seam. All fixings are concealed using stainless steel clips that allow for expansion and contraction in the cladding panels. The pan widths are customisable using our state of the art manufacturing equipment to the millimetre allowing total control over your designs. It reflects the individual concerns for both light and shadow and produces designs that have a modern yet historical perspective.

The single Lock Standing Seam system can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally in wall cladding applications. Panels can be curved both horizontally and vertically. Seams can also be mitred into roofing pans for a seamless, flashing-less design. Many modern building designs now incorporate the single lock standing seam system.

Alzheimers Centre, Mt Gravatt


0.7mm VM Zinc Anthra


Standing Seam Panel System



Bickerton Masters Architecture




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