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A roofing system that is classier, contemporary, better performing as well as modern. Yes, we’re talking about Standing Seam Roofing systems. Standing Seam Roofing is the most durable type of roofing that can last for around 50 years. Technologically, it is an advanced concealed fastener roofing system that features trapezoidal or vertical legs and flat space in between. Trustable, affordable & worthy Zinc Roofing Company Pty Ltd, Euroclad provides the most durable and weather-tight standing seam roofing in Australia.

So, if you want to get standing seam roofing panels installed in your house/building but still feeling confused, Euroclad is here to get you out of this confusion. In this post, we’ll round-up all the benefits of standing seam roofing systems, let’s dive right in.

1- Long–Lasting and Durable

Standing Seam Roofing system is so long – lasting that it can last for over 50 years undoubtedly. Its high durability can be obtained only when it is installed by quality and trustable installers. We, at Euroclad guarantee for our long-lasting and durable standing seam metal roofs.

2- Weather-Tight

Standing Seam Roofing is an advanced concealed fastener roofing system that features vertical legs and flat space in between. And it makes it weather-tight and resistant to water-type roof damage. And the best part is, we provide the fasteners that are totally concealed. We use clips rather than holes, eliminating any potential leak points.

3- Fire-Resistant

You’ll see on the news sometimes, some footage of any street after a bushfire has erupted its way through. And there’s only a single roof that is still totally unharmed or intact which is standing seam roofing system. Investing in a metal standing seam roof to a good roofing company like Euroclad with A1 fire rating gives you the fair shake of being that ‘lucky’ one.

4- Curb Appeal

When you spot any house with standing seam roofing, you’ll instantly notice a difference. Undoubtedly, it looks super-attractive and you will find it so modern, clean, sleek and seamless. Euroclad’s standing seam roofing system will transform the look of your residential home. And we will make it instant curb appeal that will increase the value of your property.

5- Easy To Maintain

Standing seam roofing systems are so popular because they need very low-maintenance when compared to other types of metal roofing systems. Keep in mind, it’s the washers and screws that so often need to be replaced with an ageing roof. So, that’s not a concern at all with a standing seam roofing system. The panels will not expand and contract, although we still recommend you get a roof inspection done now and then.

How Euroclad Australia can help?

Euroclad specializes in the installation of standing seam metal roofs or any type of metal roofing and cladding located at Brisbane, Australia. We formed an experienced team for the installation of standing seam roofing, standing seam cladding, zinc roofing, zinc cladding, copper roofing and many more. Our team completed a number of projects with accuracy and as per the requirements of our clients.

Euroclad works all over Brisbane, Queensland along with Sydney and Northern NSW. You can visit to our company today or can contact us online also, we’ll guide you all through our services.

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