Pigmento Zinc

In 2005, VMZINC® made the news by launching the first coloured zinc with its PIGMENTO® brand. Today, VMZINC®, the specialist in zinc solutions for building envelopes is yet again confirming its leadership in surface aspects by enriching its offer with a new colour: PIGMENTO® brown.

After red, blue and green, this exclusive colour broadens this offer that is highly popular with architects, who are attracted by a material that combines the natural texture of zinc with a subtle colour.

Pigmento® Brown was unanimously selected by 350 international architects during a study presenting 12 colour samples. Inspired by nature at it full maturity, this original colour conjures up warmth, elegance and appeal. Associated with the symbolic image of the tree in VMZINC® communication, Pigmento brown elegantly conveys the values of durability and resilience and corresponds to the current colour trends in natural raw tones.

A colour inspired by nature… …with a raw natural look… …for exceptional buildings.

An authentic colour, a distinctive result

Allowing a broad degree of creative choice in terms of architectural style, Pigmento® brown is a colour that is both contemporary and timeless, which blends perfectly with other building materials like stone, wood, concrete, glass… It also blends harmoniously with the other preweathered products in the range (Quartz-Zinc®, Anthra-Zinc® and Pigmento®) for modern, exceptional compositions.

This subtle, authentic and pure colour offers original creative possibilities. It guarantees a finish combining material and luminous effects that blend well into the natural environment.

Euroclad can provide a variety of different zinc roofing and zinc cladding solutions which can all be found below.


"It is crucial to Euroclad to know that at the end of every project the client has walked away with an excellent product and would want to work with us again"

Nathan Pilkington. Director


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