Zinc Cladding

For over 200 years zinc has been providing architects around the world with the perfect solution for all their roofing & wall cladding needs. Composed of 99.995% pure zinc, to which copper and titanium are added, produces a material with optimum mechanical and physical characteristics. Its soft, malleable and flexible construction allows it to meet almost every architectural demand whilst providing superior solutions over other metals.Zinc is an extremely durable and low maintenance material with exceptional longevity and an average life span of 60 to 80 years in a severe marine environment.

Euroclad is an authorised installer for VM Zinc’s roofing and wall cladding products. VM Zinc is building the future with an unsurpassed variety of zinc colours for innovative architectural visions.
VM Zinc building products are highly flexible, malleable, and durable; and they are available in six distinctive appearances. An elegant partner for many building materials, zinc cladding can be embossed, perforated, and made rigid to incorporate texture into imaginative designs. Zinc cladding is an excellent long lasting, low maintenance solution if installed correctly. Euroclad are VM Zinc cladding and roofing approved installers so we can offer the longest warranties available. Contact Euroclad for all your Zinc cladding Requirements


Choose from the following VM Zinc colour range:

Azengar zinc

quartz zinc

anthra zinc

Lichen Green Zinc

Ash Blue Zinc

Autumn Red Zinc

Brown Zinc

Euroclad Australia specialise in a large variety of Zinc Cladding systems & Zinc Roofing systems and work throughout Queensland and New South Wales.Zinc cladding systems such as Standing Seam, Euroclad panel, Flat-lock panel and other zinc cladding solutions are all available at Euroclad. Call today for further information on the full range of VM Zinc cladding and roofing products.


"It is crucial to Euroclad to know that at the end of every project the client has walked away with an excellent product and would want to work with us again"

Nathan Pilkington. Director


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