ZalmagĀ® is a unique galvanized coating on high grade steel that consists of 11% Aluminium, 3% Magnesium and the remainder pure zinc.

Zalmag weathers from an engaging silver colour to an elegant bluish grey tone similar to that of a classic zinc patina due to its high zinc content.

During the first few months of exposure, Zalmag covers the cut edges of the exposed steel as the coating migrates over the cut-ends. The red rust that has developed is slowly covered and prevented from growing any further, unlike the cut edges of painted traditional steel or galvalume.

This arrest of corrosion is ultimately the mechanism that adds many extra years of service to your Zalmag roof over traditional steel products with little to no maintenance.

Zalmag is available in tile or coil forms.

Coil sizes are available in 0.55mm, 0.7mm & 1.1mm x 600mm wide.

This product is only available through Euroclad and Architectural Metals.


"It is crucial to Euroclad to know that at the end of every project the client has walked away with an excellent product and would want to work with us again"

Nathan Pilkington. Director


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