Euroclad is the Australian partner for Aurubis (Finland) Nordic copper in Australia. Aurubis are the market leaders in copper finishes and are the only company to offer both coiled and sheet patina products.

Aurubis copper is a beautiful, durable and timeless material. It has a long lifecycle – when correctly installed copper roofs and facades can last for hundreds of years. Copper needs no retreatment or maintenance and does not deteriorate with the wear and tear of time, in fact it benefits from the development of the coveted green patina. Being a natural material, copper compliments the use of wood, natural stone and glass. Using copper increases the value of any property and gives it a unique prestige.

Aurubis has decades of experience in copper production. Their Nordic Products are a brilliant option when you want individual and durable materials for modern constructions. Aurubis Nordic Products ensure a long lifecycle for your building and guarantee a great inheritance for future generations.

Aurubis offers a range of standard perforation patterns onto its copper sheet with any Nordic Surface, as well as special, bespoke patterns. Variable perforation sizes can be used to create subtle patterns, ‘super graphics’ and even text. Our partners can also provide expanded copper sheet with any Nordic Surface or woven copper wire mesh to suit particular requirements.


Aurubis Nordic Copper is available in the following finishes

standard copper


nordic blue copper



nordic green copper



nordic brown copper



nordic royal copper


Euroclad are market leaders in innovative copper cladding & copper roofing systems throughout Queensland & NSW and can supply material Australia wide.


"It is crucial to Euroclad to know that at the end of every project the client has walked away with an excellent product and would want to work with us again"

Nathan Pilkington. Director


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