Zalmag Standing Seam Cladding

Zalmag® is a unique galvanized coating on high grade steel that consists of 11% Aluminium, 3% Magnesium and the remainder pure zinc.
Zalmag weathers from an engaging silver colour to an elegant bluish grey tone similar to that of a classic zinc patina due to its high zinc content.

The most popular Zalmag cladding technique comprising of either a double or single folded seam. This vastly versatile system can be laid on almost any surface for cladding both internally and externally. Fast and easy to install, making a more cost effective solution particularly for when covering large areas. Zalmag is more than 10 times corrosion resistant than traditional galvanised coatings. It affords the collections of potable water and consists of 95% recycled material. Euroclad is the Australian distributor for Zalmag.


Roofing and Cladding

Material Thickness:

0.55 – 0.7 mm


Natural Zinc Grey look

Sheet widths:

100mm to 525mm (525mm standard)

Sheet lengths:

1000mm to 4000mm


15mm CD Grade Plywood


Chemind “Tile-it” bitumous waterproof membrane


For sheets over 2m the use of both fixed and sliding clips



"It is crucial to Euroclad to know that at the end of every project the client has walked away with an excellent product and would want to work with us again"

Nathan Pilkington. Director


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